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Primary Digital Making

Our Primary digital making workshops are specially designed for Primary 2 to Primary 6 students. Workshops can be catergorised into Basic and Intermediate Making Workshops. 


Our Basic Digital Making Workshop (suitable for P2 onwards) introduce students to micro:bit, basic components such as LEDs, Sensors and using cardboard to make Animals, Smart Devices or Carnival Games.


Our Intermediate Digital Making Workshop (suitable for P4 onwards) allow students to apply their computational thinking skills to create useful prototypes for school improvement/value-in-action projects or applied learning across different subjects. Students get to learn how to use and code different inputs and outputs in our Values-In-Action, Integrated Project Work and Tech in Nature Series.

Learn how to create and code different cardboard animals with LEDs that will light up when dark! In addition to learning basics of computational thinking, students get to understand better the characteristics of the animals they are making.  

Cardboard Animals

Students get to learn how to make their own Smart Lamp or Fan with Sensors that will switch on when dark or when there are people around.  Let students appreciate how they can be creators of technology and how they can use technology to conserve energy! 

Smart Lamp

Students get to use technology to create fun carnival games that can record scores automatically! This help students realise that coding and making can be fun and allows them to create interesting projects which they can play with their friends.

Carnival Games

Create prototypes for school improvement and the less privileged.  Using design thinking to empathise, define, ideate, prototype and test prototypes created with micro:bits and suitable components, students not only get to apply what they learnt but also helped the community in the process!   


Students get to use technology and concepts they have learnt during normal curriculum to solve a real world problem. This helps students appreciate the importance and usefulness of what they are learning in school!

Integrated Projects 

Students get to use technology to understand factors affecting plant growth including water, light and pH levels to allow them apply design thinking concepts to implement solutions to help plants better and faster.

Tech in Nature

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