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STEM & ICT Solutions

Computational Thinking Programmes and Tech Platforms for Students & Educators

Primary and Secondary Schools

Secondary Code for Fun

Computational Thinking Enrichment

Sign up one entire cohort in your school and get kits for free!

Fully subsidised by IMDA and MOE HQ, schools get free 10 hours training and their choice of either micro:bit V2 kits or M5StickC IoT kit or M5Go IoT prototyping kits free!


No ITQ required.

Wondered how you can infuse computational thinking into Science? Enquire about our CT Science Kits and Activities!  

Ever wanted to create your own digital arcade game in a few hours? Come and learn how you can use Makecode Arcade to create Space Invaders which you can play with your friends.

Fascinated with dinosaurs and life-sized robots? Come and learn how to build your own cardboard T-Rex or Baymax with motors and sensors !

Ever wanted to create your own digital survival kit that can show directions, angles and distance travelled? Now you can create your very own micro:bit survival kit for measurment!

Programme Highlights

In addition to learning important computational thinking skills, students will also learn how to infuse academic concepts they learnt in school into the different ICT projects to create fun and meaningful prototypes that can benefit their community.

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